Our kitchen is divided into 3 different areas and volunteers generally should not cross serve between these areas without washing hands.
— food preparation
— dining
— dishwashing

Volunteer Check-in

Come Prepared

Attire & Personal Hygiene

  1. Arrive hygiene friendly
  2. No open-toed shoes
  3. Hair worn back or wear hat
  4. No tank tops / immodest clothing
  5. No visible midriffs (stomach)
  • Do not share personal information with clients, provide rides or give money.
  • Report inappropriate language or behavior to staff.
  • Sign in for your shift upon arrival.
  • Help us improve our service to you and those we serve by completing our online satisfaction survey.

Safety First

Role of Health Department

  1. Regulatory Body / Site Inspections.
  2. Improve Quality Control Measures.
  3. Prevent Communicable Disease.

— Do not serve if you are sick.
— No eating, chewing gum, or smoking in kitchen - no exceptions
— No cell phone use is permitted in the kitchen area (other areas are available)

Our kitchen is divided into 3 different areas and volunteers generally should not cross serve between these areas without washing hands.
— food preparation
— dining
— dishwashing

Our Kitchen

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
    (use designated hand wash sinks only).
  • Dry hands with towel or with mechanical dryer. Turn faucet off with towel.

Wash hands after:
— touching face or hair.
— handling different foods.
— performing a different kitchen function and then handling food.
— after smoking, using restroom or cell phone

Use latex gloves (still wash) when:

  1. you have cuts on your hands.
  2. handling raw meat.
  3. touching food with hands.
  • To prevent cross contamination, there are two different colored sanitizing buckets for the dining & kitchen preparation areas.

Serving Meals

Setting Tables

  • napkin with cup turned downside.
  • ice water pitchers (2 - 3 per table).
  • salt & pepper (2 sets per table).

Serving Food:

  • Children are served 1st (notify kitchen that you need a child's portion).
  • Once patron is seated, take tray from serving window and serve
    (1st in = 1st served).
  • No tray can be taken back once served (please dispose of in trash).
  • No "second" servings (patrons receive 3 large portioned meals daily) and only serve food authorized by the cook on shift.


Sanitizing Solution:

  • Wipe down tables, chairs, and equipment.
  • Put away tables and chairs or set up as directed, sweep (first) and mop floors.
  • Use cleaning solution in mop bucket as directed

Under Kitchen Supervisor Direction:

  • Label food with expiration dots.
  • Place food in designated labeled areas of fridge and/or freezer.
  • No food is to be stored on floor
    (must be 6" off the floor).
  • Dispose of food past expiration or that has been reheated more than once.

Quick Facts

  • There are over 3,000 homeless in Utah on any given night.
  • The average annual household income for clients served at The Coalition is $8,139
  • Agency philosophy and programs work to balance community empathy with personal accountability in services rendered.

Other ways you can make a difference:
— conduct a drive
— donate grocery store gift cards
— complete an eagle scout project
— donate professional services
— join Team Grub

Utah is leading the nation with the Housing First initiative, designed to provide housing for the homeless. 

Read more

On Saturday, December 6th, local musician, Lyle Hadlock presents a festive night of inspiring music.  Hope chests made by local craftsmen will be on display at the NuSkin Innovation Center.  The public is invited to view them from November 25th through the evening of December 6th and enter silent bids.  Winning bids for the chests will be awarded at the conclusion of the concert.

Proceeds will benefit the Food & Care Coalition, which serves the homeless and low-income of Utah Valley.  Tickets will go on sale soon, so keep watching so you can guarantee seating.

  • Event: Benefit Concert featuring Lyle Hadlock
  • Date: Saturday, December 6th
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Location: NuSkin Innovation Center in Provo