2012 Volunteers of the Month

January 2012- Steps Recovery Center

Steps Recovery Center is a treatment community located in Payson, Utah offers residential inpatient drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment to those who have a desire to stop using drugs and alcohol. Steps Recovery’s mission is to provide a safe, healthy, and productive, environment, committed to the continuing success and spiritual growth of those desiring to live clean and sober, one day at a time. Steps Recovery Center uses a 12 step program to facilitate alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

February 2012- Jon Ianziti

Jon has been serving breakfast on Tuesday mornings at the Food and Care Coalition for the last three years.  He's also served by making and donating sack lunches, and serving dinner with the scouts.  Jon works as a graphic designer, and enjoys hiking along the Pacific coast in Northern California, preparing culinary delights, astronomy, and attending baseball games with his son.  His favorite quote is "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." (William Shedd.)  

March 2012- Celecta Moss and Family

Celecta has been involved at the Food and Care Coalition by providing sack lunches every month and has been serving since the Food and Care Coalition was in their very first building.  Her favorite quote is “Men are that they might have joy.”  She would love to travel to Italy and her favorite color is green.  One of her passions in life is learning to make bread, which she says has taken her 30 years.  Her heroes in life are her parents, and she says that they work tirelessly and mostly for others.  

April 2012- Andrea Christensen

Andrea has been volunteering with the Food and Care Coalition for almost three years.  Andrea loves to play the piano, bake, sew, craft, read, and garden.  She enjoys serving in the community, and particularly here.  When asked, she said, "The Food and Care Coalition has a warm and friendly spirit about it, and it is a joy to be a part of that. I love how it is not just a hand out, but a place to get services, education, (and) a bit of support to help a life and make that life better."

May 2012- Margaret Fullmer

Margaret has been volunteering at the Food and Care Coalition for about two years, primarily serving meals in the kitchen.  Her most memorable experience at the Food and Care Coalition has been serving with her family, especially her kids.  Margaret enjoys the outdoors.  She loves to run, cook, read, and garden.  She also loves to travel and experience new people, places, foods, and cultures.  Her favorite saying is "There is always a reward for doing hard things."

June 2012- Duane Barr (SaxSation Entertainment)

Duane enjoys  playing his saxophone and EWI for Food and Care patrons during meal times.  He’s been volunteering since November 2011.  His favorite quote is “Today I will do what other won’t so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. (Jerry Rice)  He’d love to travel to Alaska and his favorite color is blue.  One of his heroes in life is Steve Young.  Other than music, one of his passions in life is flying, and he is a private pilot and skydiver. 

July 2012- Inside Sales

Inside Sales volunteers monthly at the Food and Care Coalition, and also fills in for cancellations. Through their "Do Good Foundation," Inside Sales looks for local projects to become involved with, giving back 1% of their employee time, revenue, and product.  Inside Sales is also involved with the Utah National Parks Council of Boy Scouts of America, and volunteers with Community Action's community garden.  They are also sponsors for the Center for Women in Children in Crisis. 

August 2012- Jim Brady

James Brady graduated from BYU's Law School in 1982. Jim has been an attorney in Provo for 28 years. He served as an assistant City Attorney for Provo from 1982 to 1986, and as a City Attorney for Mapleton from 1990 to 2003. He served on the Mapleton City Council and as Mapleton's Mayor. He is currently serving as a State Court Judge in Juab and Millard Counties. He and his wife Laurel have eight children and four grandchildren.

September 2012- CenturyLink

CenturyLink has been a strong supporter of the Food and Care Coalition.  One of the major sponsors of our 2012 Battle of the Bands, employees from CenturyLink also assisted in event planning, setting up, collection donations, cooking, serving, and cleaning up.  CenturyLink is also involved in many other community activities, such as United Way Day of Caring, Sub for Santa, Community Action Food Bank food drives, Habitat for Humanity, and the Red Cross.  

October 2012- Mikol Miller

Mikol has been serving at the Food and Care Coalition for almost two years.  His most memorable experience has been the chance to meet and interact with clients and staff.  His favorite quote is "When my gratitude exceeds my expectations, it's been a good day."  In 1989, he won a car by getting a hole-in-one.  Mikol enjoys helping other people, playing golf, cycling, and guitar. 

November 2012- Charlie Wolf

Charlie owns The TimberWolf Grill at the HobbleCreek Golf Course in Springville, UT.  Every year for Halloween, Charlie hosts a fundraiser for the Food and Care Coalition at his grill.  Charlie is a professional chef and enjoys cooking and catering.  He loves big parties (especially Halloween). He also enjoys rock-hounding, creating comedy (comics and songs with his brother), playing pranks, video games, antiques, marvel comics, r/c airplanes, and much more.

December 2012- Ruth Ellis

Ruth Ellis is a singer and voice teacher.  She volunteered her talents to plan a fundraising concert for the Food and Care Coalition.  Her first experience volunteering here was making sack lunches with her kids.  They wrote uplifting messages and drew pictures on the bags.  She says, “The things my kids drew and wrote moved me.  They seemed specific to some person who would be there to pick them up that day.”  She has six children and her family is her greatest passion.