2011 Volunteers of the Month

June 2011- VanCon

VanCon was one of the original contractors who helped to build our new Food and Care Coalition.  VanCon was most recently involved in helping to complete the construction on the upstairs part of our building.  When asked about their service they said, "Seeing the upstairs rooms unfinished was heartbreaking.  We organized the subcontractors that we use all the time to come and get the ball rolling."

July 2011- Shirley's Homemades

Shirley's Homemades has been volunteering with the Food and Care Coalition since 1996. Shirley's regularly donates in baked goods for the clients that we serve and also for some of our fundraising events.  Over the last several years, Shirley's Homemades has been involved with many different service projects in the community, including schools, the Food Bank, and other charities.  They are a family-owned company and make all of their products from scratch. 

August 2011- Lucky's Wood-Fired Pizza

Lucky’s Wood-Fired Pizza has been involved with the Food and Care Coalition in several capacities.  Most recently, Lucky’s Wood-Fired Pizza has served as a sponsor for our summer band series, serving food during these concerts.  Lucky’s Wood-Fired Pizza also participates in fundraisers for local high schools, clubs, and teams.  An interesting fact about their company is that the name comes from their son Miles “Lucky” Merrill, who has Down syndrome. 

September 2011- JDawgs

JDawgs has been serving the Food and Care Coalition by sponsoring Battle of the Bands in September 2011 and also by donating food.  JDawgs enjoys helping the community and giving to those in need.  JDawgs is unique in that all of their products are local.  They’ve recently expanded their business, now operating out of three stores in Provo, Orem, and American Fork.  JDawgs is also involved in other service in the community, and participates in many charitable events.  

September 2011- Seth Thompson

Seth is currently a student at Utah Valley University.  He enjoys anything that has to do with the outdoors, including fishing, hunting, snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking and more.  Seth usually volunteers during dinner time and enjoys handing out dinner and goods to the homeless.  He originally began serving as a volunteer to fill volunteer hours for an English class, but enjoyed his experiences here so much that he has continued volunteering long after he completed his school hours. 

October 2011- Lakeview 7th Ward

The Lakeview 7th Ward has been involved with the Food and Care Coalition in many capacities for many years.   Over 214 individuals have been involved in service.  All age groups have been represented, from a 2-year-old girl handing out flowers to a 93-year-old woman making quilts to donate.  Services provided include serving meals, making sack lunches, providing casseroles, making quilts, donating hygiene products, entertainment, volunteering at events, and others.

November 2011- Robert C. Bennett

Robert learned of the Food and Care Coalition as a service missionary at the LDS Employment Resource Center. He volunteers in the kitchen and dining room.  Robert is retired with 7 adult children.  He has volunteered at the LDS Cannery, United Way, Army Emergency Fund, food drives, and others.  When asked about his service he said, “I have so enjoyed my volunteer opportunity here and the people I’ve come to know and work with that I often think that I’m the beneficiary.”  

December 2011- Orem High School A Cappella Choir

The Orem High School A Cappella Choir has performed at the Food and Care many times.  They also performed at the Primary Children’s Medical Center on Christmas Eve.  When asked about their service, they said, “The experience was incredible! Everyone had such an amazing time! This year’s choir students are all so passionate about sharing their love of music, and sing as often as possible. They love seeing the change in people after we share the messages in the songs we sing.”