Non-profit organizations operate on a different economic basis than traditional businesses. Grants, rather than contractual revenue, drive most charitable organizations, including the Food & Care Coalition. The FACC has been funded over the years by community grants from private individuals, family held foundations, and sponsorships from area businesses and church groups. Unfortunately, these grants are not perpetual in nature and do not allow us to stay abreast with the increasing demands placed upon our services. An endowment fund, providing perpetual sustaining dollars for our essential services, is the intelligent and prudent way to meet this challenge.


The Food & Care Coalition is a recognized local leader in finding permanent solutions to poverty issues. Outside of compassionate and dedicated agency management and board leadership, the Food & Care Coalition derives its strength from the local community. Issues of poverty are simply too delicate to relegate to governmental entities alone. Community members must be an active and integral partner to achieve real and lasting solutions. Healthy, vibrant, and friendly communities are most often characterized by their genuine service and concern towards one another. We believe our agency is a viable and pro-active link to such an end.


Utah County is a blessed, balanced, and prosperous community. We have the capacity to become a model in confronting and meeting the challenges of poverty. Our religious, educational, business, technological and civic-minded people provide an extremely strong platform to accomplish this objective. Strong and practical services exist but substantially more are needed. A concentrated and unified effort by our citizens could set a standard for the rest of the world to follow. The Food & Care Coalition is committed to meet this challenge and are asking you to partner with us in this noteworthy effort.


We all have the capacity to contribute. In the spirit of humility and boldness, we are seeking the grass root support of our citizenry, family foundations, and persons of substantial wealth to contribute to our endowment campaign. By doing so, you will not only ensure the strength of existing programs, but offer opportunities to elevate the potential of our needy friends. A healthy community environment is achieved when charity and accountability are balanced for the betterment of each member.


If you would like to learn more about the organization or how your donation or contribution will help, please contact:

Brent Crane 
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If you would like to receive professional advise on donation options and tax strategies, please contact:
Scott Runia

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Utah is leading the nation with the Housing First initiative, designed to provide housing for the homeless. 

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On Saturday, December 6th, local musician, Lyle Hadlock presents a festive night of inspiring music.  Hope chests made by local craftsmen will be on display at the NuSkin Innovation Center.  The public is invited to view them from November 25th through the evening of December 6th and enter silent bids.  Winning bids for the chests will be awarded at the conclusion of the concert.

Proceeds will benefit the Food & Care Coalition, which serves the homeless and low-income of Utah Valley.  Tickets will go on sale soon, so keep watching so you can guarantee seating.

  • Event: Benefit Concert featuring Lyle Hadlock
  • Date: Saturday, December 6th
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Location: NuSkin Innovation Center in Provo