Soap Box

As the executive director of the Food & Care Coalition, I have always enjoyed being part of an organization that actively recruits community participation, for we are the ones who ultimately share the stewardship of one of society's more persistent social problems — poverty. The structure and nature of society is of such complexity that the probability of the issue persisting is inevitable. Nevertheless, there is an important lesson which is present by the very existence of it — and one that I believe God intended. At stake, the moral development and strength of character of every human being.

I am grateful to work in an environment where the microscope continually measures my commitment to moral behavior and resoluteness to character. I am grateful that the Food & Care Coalition offers the community this same platform. The prospect for growth extends to every individual who visits. Many redeeming qualities are learned, shared and fostered — whether we be the giver or the receiver. Love and compassion toward our fellow man is the purest of motivators and is the sweetest of life's learned gifts. My hope is that The Coalition can continue to serve as a vehicle of tolerance and love for both myself and all others who need the time and practice to learn these appreciable qualities.

Brent S. Crane
Executive Director, Food & Care Coalition, LLC
President & CEO, Friends of the Coalition

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